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We would like to hear from you and will try our very best to answer your questions. You can complete the Standard Contact form below and we will get back to you. Or why not chat with us via WhatsApp, just click on the WhatsApp Button and start your chat.


    Below are some answers to some of the questions you may have and we will add to it to the FAQ as we go on. If you cannot find an answer here, you are welcome to contact us by completing the Contact Form or sending us a WhatsApp.

    What is included in the 1Page Website.

    The 1PAGE WEBSITE is based on your chosen template² with your provided content. The website is responsive for all types of devices and scalable to grow as your company grows.

    + .co.za domain registration¹

    + hosting of your website and emails for 1 year (12 months)¹

    + 3GB Web Space.

    + 5 emails with digital signatures.

    + SSL encryption (https://)

    ¹ domain registration and hosting is renewable yearly

    ² see the 1page website template page.

    * excludes speciality functionality like expanded contact form, online shop and products. These will be quoted in addition to the 1page website.

    What is Domain Name and Hosting?

    A domain name is the URL of your website. Normally it is made up of your company name or something similar. For this offer, we only register .co.za.


    Hosting is the server space you rent to Host or Store your website and email. 

    3GB Web Space and 5 emails are included in this offer. 

    What information will @grafics need for my 1Page Website?

    Anything you want to tell the customer about, such as who you are, what services you offer, prices, and contact information. 

    Also, your company logo, font, images and colours. 

    Does @grafics provide images or should I supply my own?

    As part of the Template, you will see some images included, you are welcome to use these images, but @grafics will advise you to use your own images, specifically for products and or services. 

    What do I have to pay?

    The cost of the standard 1Page Website is R1050-00 per year. We will send you a quote with a detailed breakdown and add to this if you require additional functionality like an online shop. 

    You must pay a 50% deposit before we register any Domain and Hosting or start with any design. 

    Final payment must be made before the 1Page Website will go live. 

    Is my website compatible with all mobile devices?

    Yes, the design is responsive and we will adjust it for the best mobile device responsiveness after the final design is complete.

    Can I add a shop to my website?

    Yes, but this will be at an additional cost. 

    The amount of products will also be limited on the 1Page Website due to the hosting, but the Templates and WordPress Website is completely compatible with an online shop. 

    We will discuss the additional costs (design and hosting) with you when you want to add the shop to your website.

    When will my 1Page Website be live?

    Because we start with a Template Website, it should not take too long to have your 1Page Website up and running. Normally by 5 days the site will be up and running. 

    This does obviously depend on when we receive your information for the design. and the final payment. 

    What happens if the design is complete? Can I make changes or updates?

    After the 1Page Website is live we will host it for 1 year. We will contact you when the renewal is coming up and you can then decide to renew the Domain Name and Hosting for an additional Year. 

    During the time that we host your website, we are always available to update or grow your website as needed. This additional service is offered at an hourly rate on an as-and-when basis.